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Powerful and Flexible Solution for Dashboard,
Analytics & Data Visualizations Optimized for Cloud Environments.

AnalyZr is a multi-user next generation data analysis and visualization product which can be used to analyze large to very large data sets and has a template based approach. The Product can be integrated with external or internal data sources, including support for Popular Cloud data support such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon's EC2/S3, Google Big Data Engine and social frameworks such as Facebook, Twitter etc... We also support mobile device integration and view reports on iPad and popluar Android smart phones.

Data Plugins

AnalyZr product supports a variety of data source plugins which can be leveraged to fetch and integrate data from within the Enterprise, to outside data sources such as Google Analytics, Social data sets and Geo , and upcoming support from Salesforce.com. Our current external data plugsin include

Web logs & Mobile Apps Logs connector with Industry web servers.

Google Analytics data import connector and merge with internal data sets.

Connector for Social sites, Online Blogs, & forums trends, data analysis.

API support for Microsoft Bing and Google Maps overlays.

Import and visualize data from Hadoop Systems such as Hive & MS HDInsight.

Google Big Data/Query engine noSQL connector.

Amazon EMR and RedShift Big data base support.

Oracle DB data import and automation support.

Visualization and Reporting
  • HTML5 based next-gen platform to consume and view data
  • Installable template model with options to visualize data and reports.
  • Customizable Charts, Intelligent tables, Search and exporting data to Excel, and PDF
  • Self-serve Pivot Table Analysis Builder & Charts with multiple Database support.
  • Supports User defined data base procedures and queries for personalized reports.
  • User defined Dashboard controls with drag-drop widgets.
  • Integrated Help menu, user configurable menu with data access.
Cloud Offerings

Our Search and Analytics products products have the ability to integrate with data regardless of where it is deployed. We work with several Industry standard Cloud offerings, such as Google AppSpot, Google BigData, Amazon EC2/S3 framwworks.

Microsoft Azure

AnalyZr product is now integrated with Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform seemlessly. We connect with HD Insight, Microsoft's Hadoop Big Data services. We support Windows or Linux systems on dedicated or virtual machines on Azure cloud services, along with Web services framework to work with mobile devices such as phones or tablet computers.

Google Big Data/Big Query Engine

AnalyZr product now integrated with Big Data and Big Query Engines offered by Google. AnalyZr Big Data in the cloud using our products and get real-time business insights in seconds using Google BigQuery. Use a fully-managed data analysis service with no servers to install or maintain.


Learning Management

Our LMS provides solutions to enterprises to have an internal web based application, for employee training, assessment, or hiring purposes.Read more >>

Big Data Analytics

Our visualization products are built with plugins for large noSQL engines such as Apache Hadoop, Hive, Microsoft HDInsight, and Amazon EMR.Read more >>

Enterprise Search

Our Enterprise Search product IndXr helps organizations to deploy a powerful search application to index, search and manage unstructured data from various sources Read more >>


Under the HealthCare and Life Sciences Segments, we offer unique product solutions and services to address the BioInformatics, Disease Management and Clinical Research.Our IndXr product suite helps hospitals and Research institutions extract content, provide keyword search across unstructured data alongside structured databases, and provide an unified system for all the Data and Knowledge Management requirements.Read more >>


A SMB 'order online food' retailer had requirements to analyze data on various aspects about their customers, nature of orders, type of food etc... The customer has both a toll-free number and online webpage to help customer choose the types of food to order. The customer has tied up with over 50 restaurants in the city from which one can call and place an order across different types of food selections.Read more >>


A medium size GPS device tracking supplier, with over 5000 devices across 250 trucks servicing several customers wanted a analytics and dashboard prototype solution to analyze all possible data obtained from GPS devices across several of his customers on a monthly basis. GPS devices send small data information on route, speed, time, delay amongst other important information every 10 minutes. Up to 1TB of production GPS data was analyzed and extracted. Our AnalyZr product was used to develop over 24 reports and dashboards to present various sets of data over a 8 month period.